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InfiSecure blocks bad bots before they hurt your business

Bots account for 50% of all web traffic, and most of them are a threat to your business. InfiSecure provides an innovative security platform to help you fight back.


Analyse thousands of hits in real time, differentiate bad bots from human and good bot traffic


Real time alerts help you understand detailed bot activity on your website and mitigate security threats


Devise tailor made strategies to protect your website against bad bot traffic


Regain control over your content, improve your website performance and protect your users

Learn how InfiSecure can help, select your industry

Give your team the accuracy to fight online fraud with confidence

Real-time Bot Detection

Defend websites against malicious bots and get most genuine visitors on your website to scale your online business

Content Theft Prevention

Protect content and intellectual property from web scraping bots and establish thought leadership in your industry

Price Scraping Prevention

Stop competition from stealing pricing data and convert more customers on your ecommerce store

Ad Fraud Prevention

Boost your ad revenue and optimize marketing analytics by eliminating digital ad & click fraud

Form Spam Prevention

Eliminate Spam leads and comment spam and protect your brand by focusing on the right leads and conversations

Brute Force Prevention

Stop online fraud, minimize payment fraud, account hijacking and keep your customer data

We boost sales by beating fraud

Stay Ahead

Beat competition. Maintain your single source of information

Spend Better

Optimize your daily ad spend and improve CPC ratios

Get Secured

Prevent online threats like identity theft and carding fraud

Robust security platform to detect and block security threats

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