5 Benefits of Bot Protection for Real Estate Listing Websites

Ever wondered how much would it cost for web scrapers to steal all the listings and user data from your real estate listing website?

Scrapers and fraudsters can scrape your entire website for as low as $9 per month or a part of your portal for absolutely no cost. There are also options like hiring a freelancer for as low as $4/hour or even you could learn the art of web scraping just by getting a scraping guide from amazon for $8.22.

What is Listing Theft?

Automated capture of online listings from a website is referred to as listing theft or listing scraping. This involves scraping or stealing of unique listings using automated scripts or bots.

When your real estate classified portal is booming with all unique listings and great customer traction in terms of website visitors, your competition and fraudsters will try to leverage on your competitive advantage. Bad actors will try their best to steal the unique listings and user data from your website. They then add the stolen listings to their own websites, with or without consent of the end-user. This helps businesses in getting higher search rankings, more traffic on website and higher brand value.

The most severe impact is the loss of unique listings. This results in lower search engine rankings, lower customer visits and lower conversions. Moreover, it helps your competitors' business grow using the hard-work put by your team to generate the listings in the first place. The other immediate loss is high usage of server capacity and higher server cost, which is due to the rampant scraping by bots.

Benefits of Bot Protection for Real Estate Listing Portals

Listing theft is undoubtedly one of the most severe threats for businesses running real estate classified portals.

Since our inception, we have been passionately focused on evangelizing the need for bot protection for both small and large classified portals and real estate classifieds are one that need a bot management strategy as early as it goes live.

Effective and accurate identification of scrapers in real-time is essential for protecting listings from getting stolen. InfiSecure uses its core engines to identify and block bad bots on classified portals. InfiSecure's big data and machine learning algorithms study traffic patterns along with individual user behavior to effectively identify scrapers, and block them before they can steal your real estate listings. The main objective of InfiSecure's bot protection is to help real estate listing portals protect intellectual property and improve competitive advantage. Here are the core benefits that our current listing website customers are leveraging through bot protection.

  1. Protection of Unique Property Listings

  2. Elimination of Fake Listings

  3. Improvement in website SEO

  4. Optimization of web server

  5. Improved Business Decisions

Real estate classified portals can experience the business benefits in various functions like sales, marketing and IT from the very hour they put a bot protection platform in place.

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