6 Tips to Choose the Best Bot Protection Platform

Majority of web attacks with a measurable business impact rely on automation via bots. Targeted attacks on startups and large ecommerce websites by cybercriminals have dramatically increased over the past 10 years. From sophisticated fraud to low-level defacement, bot automation drives the headline-grabbing breaches that keep CISOs, CIOs, and CEOs up at night.

Existing technologies such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), IP blocking techniques and CAPTCHA’s do not address the underlying mechanisms used to carry out these automated attacks. Automation makes web attacks hard to detect, disrupt, and defeat using traditional security controls. In such a scenario, it is very important for online businesses to invest in the most accurate bot detection platform.

How to Choose the Best Bot Protection Platform

In order to ensure your website and business has the best protection available against automated bot attacks, it is important to choose the best bot protection platform that doesn’t just rely on IP addresses alone. It should detect and block bots in real-time (without adding a lot of latency), offer very high accuracy and most importantly, is customizable to suit your website needs.

Further, we have listed down 6 evaluation pointers that will help you choose the best bot protection platform for your website.

  1. Bot protection platform that detects bots in real-time

  2. Bot protection platform relying on multiple detection technologies

  3. Bot detection platform powered by machine learning algorithm and an on-going fraud intelligence optimization

  4. Bot protection platform that protects website from all types of bots frauds

  5. Bot protection platform should provide a detailed analysis of bot traffic

  6. Bot protection platform with customized bot management strategy

Your bot management solution should provide you the ability to mitigate the negative impacts of bad bots without compromising the business benefits coming from good bots.

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