Block Bot Traffic. Buy Genuine Leads.

Are you in the business of buying and selling traffic? Does your business involve buying traffic through ad networks? This article shows how you can see more profit in the business by eliminating fake traffic from the total traffic.

Over the years, the business of buying and selling traffic has seen significant growth in competition, with newer players jumping into the market every day. This has resulted into a significant reduction in profit margins for the businesses. The rates for selling traffic have gone down. The buyers wish for more traffic at lesser costs. The sellers wish for more traffic to be generated at lesser costs. This has lead to the concept of 'bot traffic' or 'fake traffic'.

The concept of bot traffic is so real that almost all online businesses face it in some form or the other. Let us briefly analyze the consequences of bot traffic for businesses. From a seller's perspective, selling fake traffic hurts their reputation. It results into high customer churn and subsequently lower customer acquisitions. From a buyer's perspective, money is being lost to fake traffic. The fake traffic does more harm than good. Buyer gets punished by search engines in the long term due to high bounce rate of fake traffic. Moreover, a significant chunk of server capacity is lost to fake traffic.

It is evident that more genuine traffic will result in better metrics for businesses. But can we generate 100% genuine traffic? Can businesses avoid the nuissance created by fake traffic? Can fake traffic be detected? Can fake traffic be eliminated in real-time? Can fake traffic be removed from Google analytics in real-time? Can businesses save on server costs and improve server capacity? The answer to all the questions is Yes!

In a nutshell, to protect your website from fake traffic, simply reach out to InfiSecure at request demo. This will save both costs and efforts and help you keep your website clean from unwanted traffic.

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