Bot Protection for Ecommerce Industry

Ecommerce threats such as web scraping, scalping, account takeover, carding fraud, fake account creation and gift card frauds are committed by using malicious bots. Competitors employ malicious bots to scrape your unique content, prices and product listings to undercut your pricing strategy. Volumetric attacks cause cart abandonment and inventory exhaustion.

Malicious bot attacks on websites can compromise the security of your web application and result in loss of confidential and site information. Conventional methods such as blacklisting IP and rate limiting are inefficient in blocking bots in real-time. Real-time protection is essential to stop such advanced bot threats. You need to manage such bots to protect your users and your business.

1. Work with Error-Free Analytics

Your website analytics must take bot traffic into account, and it should be precise in such a way that you can rely on the analytics while taking critical marketing decisions regarding user experience, marketing campaigns. Stop paying for artificially inflated non-human traffic which will never convert to sales.

InfiSecure blocks all bad bots in real-time while making sure legitimate users continue to access your website. InfiSecure uses technical and behavioral criteria to detect bot traffic on your site and APIs.

2. Protect Your Prices and your Portfolio

Competitors employ bots to scrape your price and data. With no protection, your content and pricing are likely to be scraped by bots. It can then be used for competitive intelligence, for aggregation or fed into comparison engines, or resold, or integrated as data in commercial analytics services.

InfiSecure protects your unique content and pricing data against scraping in real-time, on your website and your APIs.

3. Prevent Account Takeover

Fraudsters make use of bots to make fraudulent purchases using stolen user credentials; hackers also gain control over user accounts to harvest purchase history and personal information. They can also make an unauthorized transfer of virtual currencies such as wallet money, gift cards, and reward points.

InfiSecure’s bot mitigation is easy to deploy without changing your infrastructure. InfiSecure continuously adapts to evolving bot patterns and can stop account takeover attacks.

4. Stop Carding

Bad actors make use of bots to test thousands of stolen card numbers against merchant's payment processes. It can cause you multiple chargebacks, penalties, and poor merchant history. Frequent carding activities and too many chargebacks can eventually ban a merchant from accepting credit cards.

InfiSecure’s bot mitigation helps you in securing your customers’ private and financial data by stopping payment fraud and credit card number theft on your ecommerce websites.

5. Reserve Your Sales for Your Customers

Bad bots continuously add products to shopping carts to make your products unavailable. Also, they add limited availability products to their cart without proceeding the transaction and win bids over humans.

InfiSecure detects new as well as known bots with its machine learning technology without any intervention from your tech team.

6. Aim for 100% Site Availability

By overtaxing your login pages or content pages, bots cause unavailability or force you to increase your infrastructure to absorb unwanted traffic.

InfiSecure enables you to differentiate between good bots and bad bots, to optimize your infrastructure and guarantee the availability of your ecommerce site for legitimate customers.