Bot Protection for Online Media

Online bots are the real threat to the websites that have user-generated content. Some of the common bot threats include content theft, fake account creation, fake likes, dislikes, comments and user data theft. Each of these threats will have a negative impact on your business in various ways, rendering the website to become less user-friendly.

Malicious bot attacks on online media websites can compromise the security of your web application and result in loss of confidential and site information. Conventional methods such as blacklisting IP and rate limiting are inefficient in blocking bots in real-time. Real-time protection is essential to stop such advanced bot attacks. You need to manage such bots to protect your users and your sales.

1. Protect your Content

Competitors employ bots to scrape content and reproduce the stolen content illegally on other websites. Duplicate content affects a publisher's brand reputation and impairs their ability to translate content. The articles, photos, and infographics your journalists produce are your most valuable assets.

InfiSecure protects your website content against web scraping and other content theft by blocking malicious web scraping bots in real-time.

2. Prevent Account Takeover

Bad actors employ bad bots to steal one's data, such process is known as account takeover. Your registered users leave personal data such as address, credit card numbers, reading history, etc. on your servers. Theis data must be protected to maintain the confidence of your readers.

InfiSecure bot mitigation is easy to deploy without changing your infrastructure. InfiSecure continuously adapts to evolving bot patterns and can stop account takeover attacks.

3. Work with Error-Free Analytics

Your website analytics must take bot traffic into account, and it should be precise in such a way that you can rely on the analytics while taking critical marketing decisions regarding user experience, marketing campaigns. Stop paying for artificially inflated non-human traffic which will never convert to sales.

InfiSecure blocks all types of bots in real-time while making sure legitimate users continue to access your website. InfiSecure uses technical and behavioral criteria to detect bot traffic on your site and APIs.

4. Aim for 100% Site Availability

By overtaxing your login pages or content pages, bots cause unavailability or force you to increase your infrastructure to absorb unwanted traffic.

InfiSecure enables you to differentiate between good bots and bad bots, to optimize your infrastructure and guarantee the availability of your online media site for legitimate customers.

Protect your Media Content, Photos and Videos from Getting Scraped. Block Spam and Online Frauds with InfiSecure. InfiSecure bot mitigation solution for online media websites help you in preventing all types of malicious bot attacks and also keeps your site and API safe from OWASP automated threats. Its focused R&D approach gives you the best bot detection and protection, with zero false positives.