7 Important Ecommerce Website Security Measures You Should Have In Place

You work hard to get your customers to the checkout page. You partner with thousands of vendors and get your comprehensive product catalog with competitive prices online. You set up an amazing looking website and invest money in a great advertising campaign. Then you work hard on getting maximum customer conversions. However, there's another important element of conversion that most eCommerce companies need to consider from the very onset - eCommerce website security.

If you run an eCommerce business, you'll know that eCommerce websites are a major target for hackers, fraudsters and yes, even for your own competitors. Just think about the thousands of user IDs, personal information, product catalog and prices, financial information including credit card details a typical eCommerce site stores. That's what makes eCommerce sites, big and small, so attractive to cyber criminals to exploit and competitors to leverage on.

Contrary to popular beliefs, today website security is not an expensive affair to be accessible only to corporations with large IT departments. Based on our conversations with eCommerce website security specialists, we have listed seven basic and most important eCommerce website security essentials for anyone running an eCommerce business.

  1. Use SSL and Ensure That Your Ecommerce web site is PCI Compliant

  2. Use a Real-Time Bot Detection Technology to Eliminate Price Scraping and other Online Frauds

  3. Use a Web Application Firewall for Network Level Security

  4. Select a Secure Ecommerce Platform

  5. Have a System in Place for Purging Customer Data

  6. Insist On Customers Using Strong Passwords

  7. Train Your Employees to be Vigilant About Online Security

By staying on top of these seven eCommerce website security measures, online businesses can effectively build their customers' trust and their own company's reputability, taking the first steps to ensuring that they have a successful, long-lasting online presence.

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