How Bot Protection Helps in Improving Website SEO

Importance of SEO

SEO is equal to visibility!

93% of your customers will not go further than the first page of Google. SEO is vital to gain more visibility to your website. SEO is not only about search engines, but good SEO practices will improve user experience and usability of a site. Your customers trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords that the customer is searching, increases your website's trust.

SEO is also essential to stay ahead of the competition in web searches. If two websites are selling the same product, the search engine optimized website is more likely to have more visibility, customers, and more sales.

How important is bot protection today for global businesses

IT and Marketing teams need to be aware of bots that may steal content from your website, pricing information, user credentials and data. Therefore, bot protection is vital for your website's security. Some of the significant automated threats caused by bots that a bot protection software can help safeguard against and maintain SEO are listed below:

  1. Content Scraping Protection: Content scraping or web scraping refers to stealing original content from a website to refurbish the content on newer platforms. This is done on a large scale using automated computer scripts that download original content and upload them to new platforms. This will directly lead to lower SERP rankings and loss of legitimate traffic or visitors on your website. Search engines penalize sites having duplicate content, and automated content scraping by competitors can have negative SEO impact on your website.

  2. Price Scraping Protection: Price scraping refers to a real-time theft of pricing data from a website. Price scraping negatively impacts business by decreasing customer visits and conversions because now search engines will show your competitor's site up with lowered price. Your customers will end up buying products listed on your store from your competitor's website. Price scraping will lead to lower revenue and lower brand value for your business.

  3. Click Fraud Protection: Click fraud is referred to the repeated clicks on an advertisement hosted on a website, in the PPC advertising with or without using bots. Click fraud is used to increase the number of hits on the advertisement to drain the ad budget of the brand or to increase the revenue of the website where the advertisement is hosted. Click rates play a critical role in deciding the quality of the site. Now if the clicks are coming from bots engaged in click fraud, search engines like Google will lower the rank of the website because of the lack of genuine user traffic and user behavior.

  4. Skewed Analytics Prevention: Website analytics systems are designed to help understand traffic patterns and user behavior on a website. Bots generate more than 50% of all traffic on the web. Website analytics become skewed when it fails to differentiate between bot traffic and genuine human traffic. Skewed analytics will negatively impact SEO due to the presence of substantial bot traffic. The analytics results then show incorrect metrics, based on which incorrect marketing decisions are made.

  5. Form Spam Protection: Form spam refers to the repeated submission of forms on a website to spam the site with fake leads. It could be done to spam the website's admin's and owner's emails with spam submissions. It could also be used to create multiple fake listings, profiles, abuse discount coupons and perform other such activities that hurt the website's business. Form spamming will directly have a negative impact on your website's SEO, resulting in lower SERP rankings, lower organic traffic. If your website forms are programmed to send auto-mailers to your email, you will start receiving junk emails. Similarly, if you own a classified or a listing platform, your website will begin serving fake listings to genuine users.

Impact of bot protection benefits on website SEO

By staying on top of these website mentioned above bot threats, online businesses can efficiently build their customer's trust and their own company's reputability, taking the first steps to ensuring that they have a successful, long-lasting online presence.

  • With a bot protection solution in place, your content will remain fresh and unique. Websites with unique content will lead your pages to appear high on the SERP rankings.

  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo considers page loading speed in their website ranking algorithm. Users may leave your site if they must wait even just an extra few seconds for each page to load. Because of this bounce rate will be increased and it reduces the number of page views. With a bot protection solution, your website will allow only genuine visitors and SEO crawlers to browse the web pages and block all bad bots.

  • By blocking click fraud on your PPC campaigns, your website will get only real humans and no bots. Search engines will recognize the traffic from genuine visitors and user behavior to rank your site up in search results.

By improving SEO on your website, you will receive more genuine visitors. More visitors are equal to more sales, more conversions and ultimately more revenue. InfiSecure bot protection solution helps to keep your content unique and website safe from automated threats like price scraping, click fraud, skewed analytics, and form spam.