How Much Should you Spend on your Website Security?

How important is it to secure your website? And how much should you spend on it?

Ever wondered if your website is secure? Or do you even need to get secured? Having worked with multiple website owners, I have come to realize that not everybody understands how critical security is, and how it can directly impact the business' balance sheet.
Let us analyze this based on the type of website:

  1. Product / Business showcase website

  2. Content-based websites and blogs

  3. Listing Websites

  4. Social Websites / Chat and Dating Websites

  5. E-commerce Websites

  6. Genuine Data Aggregators

To sum it up, it does not cost much to use web security providers like InfiSecure. Moreover, it reduces the cost of processing the server requests that come from bad bots, which in many cases is more than the fee charged by the web security provider.

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