InfiSecure Earns IT Security Software Recognitions from Top Business Software Directory

A leading software directory has recently acknowledged InfiSecure as the most accurate bot mitigation solution for web & API that protects websites from all automated threat. The experts from FinancesOnline conducted a review of InfiSecure, and after being impressed with our advanced bot detection platform, they gave us two prestigious awards for 2018: Great User Experience and Rising Star.

The Great User Experience recognition for best IT security software is given to solutions that provide great usability alongside well-designed functionalities. FinancesOnline detailed why InfiSecure is deserving of this award, stating that our platform can effectively eliminate all automated website threats including price scraping, account takeovers, and all OWASP Top 20f Threats. According to FinancesOnline, this is made possible through our range of functionalities such as: mitigation of advanced persistent bots, 24/7 real-time monitoring, “state-of-the-art” bot detection, and the most granular visibility of bot vs human traffic.

Not only does InfiSecure helps online businesses stay protected from all automated threats but also equip users with accurate and actionable analytics on bot traffic. For this, FinancesOnline distinguished us with their 2018 Rising Star award. This recognition is given to software solutions that have marked a notable increase in popularity due to positive user feedback.

In addition to the two distinctions, InfiSecure earned a recommendation in FinancesOnline’s what is IT security software guide, proving that our bot detection platform has become one of the gold standards in optimizing one’s business. FinancesOnline also gathered a positive 100 percent user satisfaction rating for InfiSecure, and we encourage all our users to share how our platform benefitted your business.

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