InfiSecure - Robust Web Security Platform Aims to Bring Online Bots Under Control

InfiSecure Technologies Inc., has released a robust web security platform designed to give online businesses finely tuned control over Bot traffic on their websites.

Nearly all businesses including e-commerce, travel, classifieds, news, entertainment and other companies where a website is an integral component of their business model, can be impacted by various types of bot traffic. This traffic may include hackers trying to steal sensitive customer data, scrapers that grab content or price information, automated clicks that fraudulently increase ad revenues, or good bots that do the function of a crawler and assist in improving the SEO. InfiSecure provides a structured approach to differentiate between good and bad bots and lets organizations not only identify the type of bot activity they are experiencing, but also provide a variety of techniques to most effectively respond to different types of bot traffic beyond simple blocking.

InfiSecure is designed to allow online businesses adopt a new, more comprehensive, strategy when dealing with bots. InfiSecure gives fine-grained control over bot traffic, letting customers understand the nature of the traffic and helping them take appropriate actions such as blocking, monitoring, slowing it down, fooling it or letting it through. What a customer chooses to do, depends on the goals of the company.

For instance, an eCommerce site might let a price scraper bot through for a partner, but block it for a competitor who is simply trying to get the information to match or beat their prices, while some companies might want to completely block all malicious bots.

InfiSecure brings a robust web security platform with security features like:

  1. Real-time detection of bots

  2. Detailed analysis of bot traffic

  3. Management of identified bot traffic

  4. On-going fraud intelligence optimization

InfiSecure solves all online bot problems including content theft, account hijacking, carding fraud, price scraping, form spam and click fraud.

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