How InfiSecure Solves the Bot Detection Problem for Online Businesses

Almost all online businesses have been affected by bots since their inception, in both good and bad ways. The entire search engine industry runs on bots. However, there have been "evil bots" as well in existence since a long time. Lately, these bots have been used to automate and commit online fraud on an industrial scale. Online bots and scrapers have been a pain for online businesses like travel, classifieds, e-commerce, dating and content focussed websites since a decade now. Yet, there are only a few companies that have bot prevention strategy in place.

The Impact of Bad Bots on Web Businesses

Much of a site’s bot traffic can be considered non-critical traffic. This bot burden has two main impacts on a business website:

  1. Business

  2. IT Infrastructure load

InfiSecure - Bot Detection Platform

InfiSecure is designed to allow online businesses adopt a new, more comprehensive strategy when dealing with bots. InfiSecure gives fine-grained control over bot traffic, letting customers understand the nature of the traffic and taking whatever action they deem appropriate such as blocking, monitoring, slowing it down, fooling it or letting it through.

How InfiSecure Blocks Bad Bots in Real-Time

There are certain behaviour patterns in the way bots interact with websites that distinguish bots from humans. InfiSecure protects online business from bot fraud by providing a robust web security platform with business value adding features.

  1. Real-time detection of bots

  2. Detailed analysis of bot traffic

  3. Management of identified bot traffic

  4. On-going fraud intelligence optimization

Your bot management strategy would depend on the company and industry that you are in and the benefits can be realized only after you see how bots are behaving on your website. Bot management roadmap is imperative for both small and big online business. An early bot management process would lead to an effective bot protected business and faster growth of business.

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