Negative Impact of Online Bots on Digital Marketing

Measurement is what makes marketing a science, rather than a superstition. Digital marketing is a superfluous expense for most companies. This is because the return on investment on digital assets and advertisements is, in many cases, unpredictable. Your website traffic stats and online ad could be a resounding hit, flooding you with thousands of new visitors and interested customers leads, or it could be just online bots, wasting your time, money and presenting with all skewed metrics.

Marketing teams, globally are recognizing the importance of investing in bot mitigation technologies, specifically against advanced bots that pose a severe threat with a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to evade detection, impersonate humans, change identities and vary attack patterns.

Marketing analytics products and a host of data analytics tools are lacking human vs bot traffic identification capabilities, not to mention they do not give you much insight into good and bad bot analysis, the origin of such traffic and what bots are looking at on your site. Since advanced persistent bots can perfectly mimic human behaviour, even when captured as human traffic, distort visitor tracking and reporting, rendering critical business marketing tools ineffective.

How online bots adversely affect marketing KPIs and reporting metrics.

  1. Bots result in skewed website analytics

  2. Bots result in skewed lead attribution reports

  3. Bots could make you invest in wrong channels for promotion

  4. Bots result in wrong landing page optimization decisions

  5. Bots drive up PPC costs for companies

  6. Bots analysis can help optimize marketing campaigns

  7. Marketing needs to have a control over bot mitigation strategy

The global marketing ecosystem now needs to take a leap in addressing the bot threat and others associated problems like web scraping, botnet attacks, customer data aggregation, click fraud, and hacking attempts, to name a few.

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