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How to Protect Drupal Websites from Bot Attacks

Drupal is a powerful, open source platform for content management and for building amazing digital experiences. Drupal is powering thousands of websites across all verticals. Once you start an Ecommerce business, it is very crucial to build the intended audience that will result in web traffic and revenue growth. To achieve this, your marketing team will dedicatedly work on creating content, improving SEO strategies and marketing campaigns. The Ecommerce space is crowded with similar enterprises, and one always tries to defeat the other in terms of discounts, quality of product or service, competitiveness, customer acquisition and marketing efforts.

While your team is dedicatedly working to accomplish all the targets, at the same time your competitors may employ bots to undercut your marketing strategies and customer acquisition. If you own a Drupal website, then you must be aware of the impacts of bot attacks on your site.

According to our recent research, more than 50% of all web traffic is generated by bots, and there are two types of bots – good and bad. Good bots help your website to get maximum visibility. On the other hand, bad bots will negatively impact your online business. It is tough to determine the types of bot attacks that your website is facing, which pages are targeted, without an accurate bot prevention solution in place.

Major impacts of Bad Bots on Drupal Websites

  1. Content Scraping - Your competitors may employ bots to scrape your website content and publish them as their own on other sites. Content scraping will have a negative impact on your website SEO, and your web page may rank lower or also outrank in search engine results in future due to duplicate content.

  2. Price Scraping - Price scraping is the process accomplished using bad bots to scrape your pricing data; competitors use such tricks to undercut your dynamic pricing strategy. This will directly impact on lesser conversion rates and low business revenue.

  3. Server Overload - Not only Drupal but many other websites hosting prices depends upon the traffic to your site, the bandwidth consumption, etc. When bad bots consume your significant portion of the allotted bandwidth, you will end up in paying more for the increased consumption of resources.

  4. Skewed Analytics - Website analytics are designed to help understand traffic patterns and user behavior on a website. An accurate analytics system needs to distinguish between human and non-human traffic, the details of both types of traffic separately. If the differentiation is not done, bot traffic adds to the genuine human traffic in the metrics, and the website analytics become skewed.

  5. Other Automated Website Threats – Drupal-based websites also face a myriad of other web automated threats like account takeover, form spam, payment cardholder data theft to name a few. If a Drupal website is not protected against OWASP top automated threats, it can impact the brand value and result in a business loss.

  6. Above mentioned are the major bot threats faced by most of the Ecommerce platform including Drupal. Bots are hard to detect by your inbuilt web application firewall or an in-house security team because of the evolving nature of online bots to evade detection. Bots can even mimic human behavior and pass all the security tests that your website may have. You need to have an accurate bot protection solution that works as a one-stop solution for all automated threats.

    Bot Protection Solution for Drupal Websites

    InfiSecure is the most accurate bot protection plugin for Drupal websites, to detect the most advanced bots and to stop them before they cause any harm to the site. InfiSecure uses the most advanced technologies to identify bots such as user behavior analysis, known violators testing, IP behavior analysis, machine algorithms, centralized intelligence, etc.

    Advantages of using InfiSecure’s Bot Protection Service

    • Content Scraping Prevention for Drupal Websites – InfiSecure’s bot protection plug-in detects content scraping bots in real-time and blocks them from scraping your unique content.

    • Price Scraping Protection for Drupal Websites - InfiSecure’s deep behavior analysis detects price scraping bots and disables them from scraping your pricing data in real-time.

    • Reduces Server Load - By deploying InfiSecure, you can directly block all bot traffic on your website, thereby reducing bandwidth consumption and server overload. It will ultimately improve website performance.

    • Accurate Website Analytics - You can measure accurate metrics from your website analytics as all the bad bot traffic is eliminated. You get the correct numbers to make marketing decisions.

    InfiSecure provides comprehensive visibility into the types of bot traffic your website is receiving. You can also understand the source IP's, targeted pages and the types of bots.