How to Protect Magento Website from Bot Attacks

Ecommerce platforms are often an easy target for hackers and bad actors. Irrespective of the platform, spam, hacks, and vulnerabilities pose a severe risk. According to our recent research, 70% of an Ecommerce website traffic is compromised by bots. This non-human traffic even goes over 80% during sale season. It takes many years to build an Ecommerce brand and to have a significant customer base. If you run an ecommerce store on Magento, then protecting your website from bad bots should be one of the key priorities.

Here are a few risks bad bots post to Magento based Ecommerce websites:

  1. User Data Theft - Fraudsters make use of bots for unauthorized purchases using stolen user credentials. This theft is accomplished using brute force technique. They can also make the unauthorized transfer of reward points, gift cards, wallet money, etc. by gaining the control over stolen user accounts.

  2. Price Scraping - Price scraping is done by competitors to extract product pricing to undercut your dynamic pricing. They employ bots to extract pricing data from the website under consideration and update their pricing strategy in real-time to outbid emerging Ecommerce websites from selling at competitive prices.

  3. Form Spam - Form spam is usually accomplished by bots, repeated submission of forms on a Magento website to spam the site with fake leads.

  4. Fake Account Creation - Fraudsters make use of bots to create fake accounts to commit various types of frauds such as content spam, spreading malware, skewing website SEO, etc.

  5. Carding Fraud - Hackers run thousands of small purchases using stolen credit cards and then resell these cards at a much higher price. They send malicious bots to test stolen credit card data on merchant sites. With the legitimate data, they can retrieve funds from an account or obtain goods without payment.

  6. Web Scraping - Your competitors may employ bots to scrape your unique content and refurbish it elsewhere. Having your content replicated on other sites will have a direct negative impact on your website SEO. You will start losing the search engine rankings and the visitors.

How to Block Bad Attacks on Magento Websites?

You may have a web application firewall or an in-house cybersecurity team for bot mitigation. But, new and advanced bots would never be identified using traditional bot mitigation techniques.

InfiSecure is the most accurate bot protection service for Magento websites, which protects against advanced persistent bots in real-time. InfiSecure uses most advanced technologies such as user behavior analysis, IP behavior analysis, known violators testing, centralized intelligence and machine algorithms to detect all types of bots.

Benefits of Using InfiSecure’s Bot Protection Service

  1. Stop User Data Theft on Magento Websites - InfiSecure’s bot analysis detects bad bots and eliminates them in real-time before they can cause harm to the website.

  2. Price & Web Scraping Prevention for Magento Websites - With its efficient behavioral analysis InfiSecure detects even advanced persistent scraper bots and block them in real-time. Thus, protects your website content and pricing data from scrapers. Unique content always helps your site to rank higher in the search engines and brings more visitors to the website.

  3. Form Spam Prevention for Magento Websites - By stopping all spam bots on your Magento website you can reduce fake sign-ups, and fake leads. InfiSecure’s deep behavior analysis detects spam bots and blocks them permanently.

  4. Reduce Maintenance Costs - Excess requests from bad bots make your website load slow. By removing bad bots from your Magento website, InfiSecure reduces the server load and thus increases page load time.

  5. Maximize Revenue – InfiSecure's bot protection service enables you to have control over the automated traffic. By reducing the amount of server bandwidth being consumed by bad bots, you free up capacity for legitimate visitors, maximize revenue from your customers and minimize the impact of malicious bot activity.

  6. Accurate Website Analytics - By using InfiSecure’s bot protection service, you can differentiate between human and non-human traffic on your website. By eliminating non-human or bot traffic, your analytics will show more accurate data, by which better marketing decisions can be made.

By eliminating bad bot traffic from your Magento website, you can efficiently build your customers' trust and brand value. With InfiSecure, you can completely have eliminated automated attacks and protect your site from all automated threats.