How to Protect Miva Merchant Website from Bot Attacks

Ecommerce protection was never more critical than now. Ecommerce platforms are often an easy target for hackers, bad actors and even for competitors to extract business-critical information. According to global fraud report 2018 published by PAYMNTS and Signifyd, $57.8 Billion was the value of potential fraud in Ecommerce across eight major industries. It is essential to stay protected against potential ecommerce website security threats since most of the web attacks are now made via automated methods. By just being aware of the potential threats that your business might encounter, you will be well prepared to identify types of automated threats. If your ecommerce store is hosted on a Miva Merchant, then you must be aware of the following ecommerce website automated threats:

  1. Miva Merchant Price Scraping - Price Scraping is a technique employed to extract product prices from your Miva Merchant ecommerce store in real-time to gain a competitive advantage against your business in terms of pricing strategy. Price scraping is primarily done using bots as they are intended to do repetitive tasks. Bots are also used to scrape inventory information and confidential vendor data from your Miva Merchant ecommerce store.

  2. Miva Merchant Carding Fraud - Hackers run thousands of unauthorized purchases by using stolen credit cards and resell these cards at a much higher price. Fraudsters send malicious bots to test stolen credit card data on merchant sites. By acquiring legitimate data, they can retrieve funds from an account or purchase products without payment.

  3. Miva Merchant Ecommerce Account Takeover - Hackers employ bots to programmatically target the user accounts and collect account credentials using brute force and automated attacks on Ecommerce stores. The stolen credentials are then used to commit unauthorized account access and fraudulent transactions.

  4. Miva Merchant Fake Account Creation - Hackers create new accounts at scale for subsequent misuse, damaging your brand value and reputation, engaging in content spam, laundering virtual cash, spreading malware, skewing surveys and SEO

How to Protect your Miva Merchant Store against Bot Attacks

As your Miva Merchant business grows, the level of automated threats will increase accordingly. Not only Miva Merchant, but every Ecommerce platform need to have an accurate bot protection solution so that your Ecommerce store is safe from all type of automated attacks. There are several plugins out in the market to protect your Ecommerce platforms against bots, but which one to choose remains as a debatable question for most of the Ecommerce owners because of technical factors like bot detection accuracy and latency.

InfiSecure is the most accurate bot mitigation platform that protects Miva Merchant websites against advanced persistent bots that most of the plugins fail to detect. InfiSecure’s Miva Merchant bot protection plugin uses the most advanced technologies such as device fingerprinting, user behavior analysis, IP behavior analysis, centralized intelligence and machine algorithms to make sure no bad bots enter your website or online store.

Benefits of Using InfiSecure’s Bot Protection Solution

  1. Web Scraping Prevention for Miva Merchant Websites - InfiSecure detects scraper bots in real-time and blocks them before they copy your content and pricing data. Unique content improves your website SEO and lets you attract more visitors to your site.

  2. Account Takeover Protection for Miva Merchant Websites - InfiSecure’s sophisticated behavior analysis detects even highly advanced bots by reading beyond the mouse movements and keystrokes.

  3. Carding Fraud Prevention for Miva Merchant Websites - InfiSecure's in-depth behavioral analysis defends your website from online credit card fraud. It detects and blocks bots in real-time with unparalleled accuracy.

  4. Fake Account Prevention for Miva Merchant Websites - InfiSecure detects and blocks bots that generate fake accounts, provides continuous protection against all fraudulent activities on your website.

Use InfiSecure’s Miva Merchant bot protection plugin and get granular visibility over bot traffic vs. human traffic. InfiSecure bot protection plugin for Miva Merchant protects your website from all automated attacks.