How InfiSecure Protects Online Classifieds from Bad Bot Attacks

When you run or manage a classified ad or listing website, you would surely appreciate the importance of updated unique listings to get more visitors, increased user engagement and monetize more on ad revenue. But what if more than half of the web traffic that you get on your classified portal is bot traffic? And this bot traffic doesn't just excessively crawl and increase the infrastructure cost, but such business destructive bots also steal all the updated ad listings and confidential user data from your classified portal. These actors who run such bad bots could be your competitors trying to get ahead by replicating your competitive advantage or they also could be fraudsters trying to steal data from your classified portal to sell it in the open market.

Bot Protection is a must for both Big and Upcoming Classified Portals

At InfiSecure, we consistently see more than 60% of bot traffic on online classified and listing platforms. There are many negative implications of bad bot attacks on classified portals but the most severe is web scraping of unique listings. In essence, competitors and fraudsters aren't just stealing your content and listings, but to understand it correctly, they are stealing your business.

We have been evangelizing the need for bot protection from a business perspective and not just from a web security point of view. Businesses just cannot afford to calculate the impact of bot traffic on websites in silos. Ultimately, bot traffic has an impact on sales, marketing, revenue numbers and at times even the brand image in the market. It is imperative for large listing platforms to have a bot protection platform to maintain their competitive edge over newer players and fraudsters but equally important is for newer classified portals to have a bot mitigation strategy in place from a very early stage. This has made many classified portals understand the essence of implementing a bot mitigation strategy from the very outset. We have had global listing platforms reaching out to us even before they went live so as to protect the very competitive advantage for which they stand out.

InfiSecure Bot Protection for Classifieds and Listing Portals

InfiSecure's bot protection technology provides classified portals with the world's most sophisticated bot detection engine with zero false positives. Here are a few amazing bot detection capabilities that will make you leave your bot management strategy to us and focus just on what you do the best, scale your classified business really fast.

Here are some tips for blocking bad bots:

  1. Known Violators Testing

  2. IP Behavior Analysis

  3. User Behavior Analysis

  4. Device Fingerprinting

  5. Centralized intelligence

  6. Machine Learning Algorithm

Online classifieds need to be proactive to implement a bot management strategy in place. InfiSecure can help with real-time bot mitigation solution that blocks competitors from taking away your unique listings and end all bot frauds on your website.

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