How to Protect PrestaShop Website from Bot Attacks

Prestashop is a widely used Ecommerce platform and is available in 60 different languages. If you own a Prestashop website, then you must also be aware of the nefarious activities that bad bots commit on ecommerce websites. Not all online bots are bad; there are good bots too such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, which help your site to be more visible. But, bad bots can destroy your website by creating fake registrations, scraping the website content, etc.

The Impact of Bad Bots on PrestaShop Website

  1. Price Scraping - Competitors may employ bad bots to scrape your pricing data to determine your pricing strategy, and to undercut your dynamic pricing. Your customers may end up buying products from your competitor’s page looking at the lower prices. This leads to business revenue loss and brand reputation.

  2. Form Spam & Cart Abandonment - Bad bots can repeatedly submit forms on your Prestashop website by generating fake accounts, to spam your site. Also, bots add products in the cart without proceeding to payment. Fake leads and fake carts can affect online marketing strategies and cause you to waste more time and money on your marketing efforts.

  3. Other Automated Threats - Bot traffic is a familiar source of fraudulent activity, it includes account takeover, fake account creation, carding fraud and ad fraud to name a few.

How to Prevent Bad Bots on PrestaShop Website

While you may have an application firewall or in-house cybersecurity team to deal with bad bots, but there are advanced persistent bots that are most likely be profiled too late. If not detected earlier, these bots may cause harm to your Prestashop website.

You need to have an accurate solution that continuously identifies new bot patterns and their signatures. The solution must quickly block bad bots, classify good bots and bad bots, continually learn bot behavior and trends.

What is InfiSecure?

InfiSecure is the most accurate bot protection plugin that provides real-time protection to your Prestashop website against even the most advanced persistent bots. InfiSecure uses advanced technologies like user behavioral analysis, known violators testing, IP behavior analysis, device fingerprinting, centralized intelligence and machine algorithms.

InfiSecure bot mitigation solution is an API based service that accurately identifies different types of automated traffic. By detecting and classifying bots, both good and bad, InfiSecure's bot protection service enables you to understand your website traffic and implement an efficient bot access control process.

Benefits of InfiSecure Bot Protection Plugin

  1. Content Scraping Protection for Prestashop Websites – Content such a vendor data is an asset for Ecommerce platforms and by using InfiSecure plugin content scraping can be prevented altogether. Thus, protects your website SEO and intellectual property from competitors attempting to steal your content.

  2. Price Scraping Protection for Prestashop Websites - InfiSecure bot protection plugin stops bots from gaining access to your pricing data and blocks them permanently. Provides real-time protection against all scraper bots.

  3. Prevent Form Spam & Cart Abandonment on Prestashop Websites - InfiSecure identifies bots that repeatedly submit on your Prestashop website and blocks them to prevent spam. InfiSecure also eliminates cart abandonment on your site.

  4. Block Automated Threats on Prestashop Websites - Bot traffic is a familiar source of fraudulent activity, it includes account takeover, fake account creation, carding fraud and ad fraud. InfiSecure bot protection enables you to eliminate all automated attacks on your website.

  5. Maximum Revenue - With InfiSecure's bot protection service, you can block non-human traffic or bots on your website and gain control over automated threats. It also reduces website infrastructure costs by preventing automated hits on the site.

  6. Accurate Website Analytics - Bad bot traffic can skew your website analytics. InfiSecure's bot protection service allows you to block all types of bad bots and avoid bot traffic to your site.

InfiSecure can you provide accurate data of what visitors are doing on your website. Now you do not need not worry about fake leads, cart abandonment, and other fraudulent activities.