The Business Benefits of InfiSecure Bot Mitigation Solution

There is no denying that today automated traffic is far more than genuine humans browsing websites. In 2017, we experienced around 60% the total traffic to be coming bots across industries. Malicious automated traffic on websites can compromise the security of your web application and result in loss of confidential and site information, increased overheads on your servers and among many other malicious activities.

InfiSecure bot mitigation solution is an API based service that accurately identifies different types of automated traffic. By detecting bots, both good and bad, InfiSecure bot protection platform enables you to understand your website traffic and implement an efficient bot access control process.

Customers from the eCommerce, listing websites, news and publishers, gaming and insurance industries have shown that by using our industry-leading bot mitigation solution, you can block all bad bots and allow only genuine users and the good bots on your website.

Business Benefits of InfiSecure Bot Mitigation Solution

  1. Web Scraping Protection
    Your content and SEO are valuable. A lot of time, money and expertise is invested in creating it. Using bots to gather content quickly gives competitors an unfair advantage.
    InfiSecure bot protection solution protects your SEO and intellectual property from competitors and other third parties attempting to harvest your content.

  2. Eliminate Automated Fraudulent Activities
    Non-human traffic is a familiar source of fraudulent activity. Fraudulent bot activity includes:
    • Ad fraud – where ad revenue is fraudulently earned by automated traffic
    • Account takeover – where legitimate accounts are compromised to take advantage of bonuses or other associated account features
    • Account creation – where fake user accounts are created to take advantage of bonuses you can obtain through the account
    • Credit card fraud – where bots are used to execute transactions using stolen credit card details.

    Taking control of automated bot traffic with InfiSecure Bot Management enables you to eliminate automated attacks on websites.

  3. Reduce Website Maintenance Costs
    Serving requests from bots add overheads to servers, which costs money and means this capacity is not available for genuine visitors.
    InfiSecure gives you control over wasted direct costs, such as bandwidth and infrastructure, and indirect costs, such as lost ad revenue and increased third-party usage.

  4. Maximize Revenue
    Your web systems are built to maximize the revenue that you gain from your users and the traffic that flows through your system. Some non-human traffic/bots, like search engines, help with this process. However, other non-human traffic/bots actively work against you, such as competitor price scraping, ad fraud, and content theft.
    InfiSecure Bot Protection software will provide you with control over automated bots, crawlers, and spiders. By reducing the amount of website infrastructure being consumed by unwanted traffic you free up capacity for genuine visitors, maximize revenue from your customers and minimize the impact of malicious bot activity.

  5. Web Security against OWASP Top 20f Automated Threats
    There is a constant stream of automated attacks roaming the internet. Some bots will seek to exploit known vulnerabilities in web-based systems to cause damage to your business and the personal security of your customers.
    InfiSecure bot protection platform allows you to mitigate the risks of these bots and protects your website from OWASP top 20f automated threats.

  6. Accurate Web Analytics
    It is difficult to understand the performance of your systems and effectiveness of your marketing strategies if your web analytics record non-human traffic or bot attacks as human engagements.
    InfiSecure bot protection gives you accurate digital marketing and eCommerce analytics with visibility and control over the flow of non-human traffic into your systems.

  7. Real-Time Statistics and Control
    The dashboard and reporting within InfiSecure Bot Protection platform provides real-time insight into the nature of your website traffic.
    The detailed breakdown of web traffic allows full control over how individual automated bots, crawlers, and spiders access your website.
    InfiSecure gives you the power to take control of your non-human traffic both proactively and reactively in real-time. All changes take effect instantly, which means an attack can be defended quickly and easily.

  8. 24/7 Protection and Support
    Guarantee your site's availability with all-year-round bot protection. Our dedicated support team work closely with clients and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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