Why Travel Websites Need Bot Protection

Online travel booking ranks among the most exciting and dynamic economic sectors on the planet. In 2015, global online travel sales totaled 496 billion U.S. dollars. This figure is projected to grow to 817 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. For sure, these numbers make the online travel industry a very lucrative business. Recent market consolidations in the online travel space validate the big market opportunity.

The online travel industry is primarily made up of travel eCommerce sites and review sites. Travel eCommerce websites specialize in the selling of travel products such as flights, hotels, and rental cars. These can be either purchased directly through a travel company's website, such as the Lufthansa website, or through an online travel agency (OTA), such as Expedia. Travel review websites, such as TripAdvisor, allow travelers to post their experience of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality purchases online. Internet users now appreciate the ability to create their own itineraries and directly book accommodation at listed locations.

How Online Bots Impact Travel Booking Websites

Travel websites are one of the most vulnerable businesses when it comes to online frauds committed via bots and web scrapers. Businesses need to take proactive steps to protect travel portals from bot attacks. Let's examine how each travel bot fraud poses a big threat to travel websites globally:

  1. Competitive travel price scraping

  2. Travel itinerary theft

  3. Content theft from travel blogging websites

  4. Spam comments on travel review websites

  5. User data and partner data theft

  6. Fake bookings and inflated flight prices due to heavy bot traffic

If you own an online travel website, you don't just need an accurate bot protection platform to eliminate numerous bot frauds, but you also need to have an effective bot management strategy in place. A bot protection and management strategy can help your travel business eliminate fraud, provide accurate marketing insights, optimize server bandwidth and grow at much a faster pace.

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