10 Reasons Your Website Needs a Bot Protection Software

For most B2C businesses, a website is a medium to communicate the value proposition to its audience. For others like ecommerce, listing portals and auction websites, a website is the business model in itself. In both the cases, a business website is a hub to showcase unique content, convert customers and drive customer engagement. And online businesses invest a lot in building, managing and maintaining such content rich websites that are specifically designed for maximum customer conversions. A business websites being such an important element in doing business, owners and managers need to take proactive website security measures, very specifically bot detection control measures when bots account for more than 97% of today’s web application attacks.

IT teams and marketing need to be aware that bots are always looking to infiltrate a website, steal content, pricing information and other customer user data. Anti-bot protection is therefore essential to your website’s security. Based on our experience from protecting large websites from bots, we have listed down 10 major website threats caused by bots that a bot protection software can help safeguard against.

  1. Content Scraping Prevention

  2. Price Scraping Prevention

  3. Click Fraud Protection

  4. Listing Scrape Protection

  5. Skewed Analytics Prevention

  6. Auction Snipping Prevention

  7. Eliminate Bot Traffic on your website

  8. Eliminate Form / Comment Spam

  9. Over Crawling Prevention

  10. Brute Force Prevention

By staying on top of these 10 website threats caused by bots, online businesses can effectively build their customers' trust and their own company's reputability, taking the first steps to ensuring that they have a successful, long-lasting online presence.

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