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An effective plug and play bot protection solution

Bot Protection Platform InfiSecure Raises $600K

InfiSecure sanitizes a website's traffic and improves business metrics

Eliminate suspicious bot behaviour in real time

Saves you from the bad bots swarming all over your website

Provides real time detection & prevention against scraping

Raised $600k in funding from IDG Ventures and Axilor Ventures

Protect your website from bot attacks

Bot frauds have reached new heights, negatively impacting every online business

The InfiSecure team is well placed to solve the bot problem

Eliminates bad, unwanted or suspicious behavior in real-time

Bot traffic hurts business and InfiSecure can help with this problem

Fine-tune control over bot traffic on websites

Cost-effective and technology efficient

With evolving technologies, bot frauds have reached new heights

Innovation is at the heart of InfiSecure's uniqueness

InfiSecure - Robust Security Platform to Detect and Block Security Threats

Secure your Online Businesses with Infisecure's Bot Protection Platform

Robust Web Security Platform

InfiSecure Technologies - Robust Security Platform