Protect your website users by eliminating Account Takeover Attacks

Eliminate Account Takeover

Account takeover causes damage to your online business and reputation. Fraudsters constantly look for ways to breach and trick their way into getting your customer’s username and passwords. Brute force attack and credential stuffing are the most common techniques used by fraudsters for account takeover.

InfiSecure offers protection against the most advanced persistent bots trying to commit account takeover attacks and fake account creation. InfiSecure detects bot attacks at runtime and disables the bots used for such attacks, helps to keep your website user accounts secure.

Stop Fake Account Creation

Hackers generate new accounts at scale for subsequent misuse, damaging your brand value and reputation, spreading malware with advanced methods like malware installed as malicious chrome extension on browsers.

InfiSecure bot protection detects fake account creation in real-time, automatically blocks bots from registering for your service with automated analysis for updated protection.

Protect your Brand Value

Account takeovers undermine the customer confidence in your services and this automatically cause loss in revenue and reduce your brand value.

InfiSecure bot detection engine uses in-depth user behaviour analysis, device fingerprinting and global bot intelligence to recognise account takeover attempts.