Protect your website users from Carding Fraud Attacks

Stop Credit Card Fraud

Hackers run thousands of small purchases using stolen credit cards and then resell these cards at much higher price. They send malicious bots to test stolen credit card data on merchant sites. With the legitimate data they can retrieve funds from an account or obtain goods without payment.

InfiSecure’s deep behavioural analysis defends your website from online credit card fraud. It detects and blocks bots in real-time with unparalleled accuracy.

Eliminate Gift Card Scammers

Hackers use bots to crack your customer’s gift cards and cash out the balances via account takeover, card cloning and other bot attacks. This leads to poor merchant history, penalties and worse.

InfiSecure’s bot detection engine blocks these bots from programmatically cracking the gift cards and vouchers. With extensive behavioural analysis, differentiates bots from the real users.

Minimize Payment Fraud

Payment fraud is a term that scares every Ecommerce business owner. Fraudsters continue to plan new techniques to steal someone’s money or sensitive information. With legitimate data they can buy products online and sell them for higher price.

With InfiSecure you will be able to identify these malicious bots, block them in real-time, and eliminate payment fraud from your website.