Prevent Form and Comment Spamming

Stop Form Spamming

Protect your website from form spam bots that post unwanted messages or useless information on your website. Traditional methods to avoid form spam include CAPTCHA solutions that create friction for legitimate users and can hurt your conversion rates. Form spam affects all the websites that have form submissions.

InfiSecure stops bot submissions on forms in real-time. This eliminates automated form filling and submissions, fake profile submissions, fake listing creations and other fake actions.

Prevent Comment Spamming

You might have seen many unwanted comments on your blog posts and forums, these comments are more often created by malicious bots. These bots irritate real users by posting links to malicious websites or making them download a malware that steals private information. Such bot activities frustrate your website’s legitimate users and results in lower time spent on web pages, this will directly affect your brand value and revenue.

InfiSecure detects the malicious bots and eliminate them in real-time. By blocking these spambots your website visibility will be increased, your website will receive more genuine users and more conversions.

Reduce Server Overload & Infrastructure Cost

Unwanted bot traffic can slow down your website speed and increase bandwidth costs. Slow webpages irritate the users, they may leave the website if it is taking more time to open. Search engines may remove or demote pages with bot generated traffic.

InfiSecure’s bot protection solution removes the bot traffic and allow only genuine human traffic into the website. This decreases server overload, infrastructure cost and results to high revenue.