Protect your website by eliminating scraping bots from your content and pricing

Stop Web Scraping, Screen scraping

Prevent scraper bots from fetching your website’s unique content and publishing it elsewhere. Web scraping is known by a variety of terms such as screen scraping, web harvesting or web data extracting. Web scraping bots can steal whatever data they have been programmed to fetch – blogs, articles, promotions, prices that should only be available to the authorized users or legitimate customers.

InfiSecure Web Scraping Protection integrates with your website easily and detects web scraping bots in real-time and blocks them before they copy your website content.

Prevent Price Scraping, Data Mining

Stop price scraping bots from stealing your pricing data in real-time. Be it an Ecommerce or a Travel website, competitors and bad actors employ price scraping bots to damage your dynamic pricing and extract product catalogue information from your site.

InfiSecure combines big data and machine learning to offer price scraping protection as a SaaS service. InfiSecure detects all scraper bots on your website in real-time and blocks them.

Protect your Intellectual Property and Website SEO

Rich and unique content plays a major role in driving customers to your website. Scraped duplicate content hurts your SEO, drains out website traffic and can cause damage to your brand. Web scrapers steal your original content, tax your site infrastructure and reduce your SEO rankings.

InfiSecure bot protection provides visibility into what bots are doing on your site, which organisations are behind those bots and how to tackle those bots.